The mission in the poor country like Uganda can not exist without spiritual and financial help from all the Church. In fact the missionaries easily can be called the beggars always asking the richer to share with the poorer.
 We feel a big responsibility in front of our benefactors and are so grateful for any help. That is why the Franciscan Community in Rushooka has decided to make an unique list of our Donors. We pray for them in our chapel every Saturday evening reading their names. Helping our mission you become the receiver of God’s graces through our prayers. 
God Bless You!!!
Our Benefactors

Missionzentrale der Franziskaner with all the workers from Bonn

Franziskaner Mission with all the workers from Dortmund

Miva Pooland with all the workers

Kamila Król i Dariusz Drygas

Polish living in London

Polish living in Killarney Ireland with fr. Marceli Gęśla, OFM

Teresa Lamcha

Jadwiga Czarniak

Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Sanctuary in Leżajsk

Domenica Stea

Zakrzów Parish

Bernardines working in Germany and Austria

fr. Ulrich Gellert, OFM

Jerzy Moskała with Family

Parish of Our Lady of Carmel from Sannicandro

Don Vito Sardaro from Bisceglie Parish

Maria Marchesini

Nicola Dell’endice

fr. Massana, OFM from Spain

Bad Westernkotten Parish from Germany

Joanna Ryłko with the family

Robert and Justina Wojtas

Community „My friend”

Community „Mary’s harbor”

Community of neocatechumenat

„Polish” Mass in Merenschwand

Merenschwand Parish in Switzerland

fr. Bernard Berger with parishoners from Crawford, NE, USA